Monday, January 28, 2008

Who is that watching me?


Friday, August 31, 2007

Dark Jazzy Corners

Here now, how to create a sound scape over 70's mins. This mix starts off fairly softly softly with a few old favourites and then slides it's way into a darker jazzier corner, never forgeting the laidback style. Electronic beats fused with jazz style adlib, badass baselines and plenty of piano riffs. Popping out from the other side with some more instrumental hip hop pieces that conquer funk and leave the feeling of completion.

This mix is done in true mixtape style, the main focus been the tunes and the feeling that elapses over the 70 minutes.

Click on the pic or link below and download from Megaupload.

Monday, April 02, 2007

I Am The Walrus

The sun sets over a mysterious world. The ink on the page runs in the heat of the blazing sun. The words left in the winds of time for all to experience. Those things which have been said can not be taken back, those things which are written, and read, will last in the minds of those who experienced their meaning. The sun will shine on many more experiences, the rain will fall on many more children. Tears will run down the faces of many more widows and the wind shall blow away the memories of many more men. But the words, engraved on stone, etched into the rocks of experience, will last, their effect on those who encountered their meaning born into the ever fluid pattern of experiential evolution. Your experience, and the meaning breed into your character from it, shared through your interaction with those you encounter and passed onto them through their own interpretation. The meaning liquid, changing its form as it moves through the shadows of nature, shinning when expressed in creative form, thriving when used for both the extreme means on destruction and creation. Everything will change, nothing is so stable that the micro vibrations that exists below everything can not shake it into new form, nothing is so stable that the abstract contrast of solid vs. metaphysical will not one day combine to reform entirety. It is so strange that random is more common than common is random, it is not so far fetched that expression is the result of future or that the past is constructed in so many different ways by the present. It is not so abstract that abstract itself is the most tangible of all things, because it is in the most bazaar that the most understanding can be found, if not expressed. Everything will change.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

GrassUsed To Be Green Here

Days drift by. Still no signs of the weeping, still no signs of the man breaking down to cry.

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When the rain feel, the plants stood, to attention, with their withered head held high, breathing in the smell of hot moisture on oil soaked roads. The city let out a sigh, the wilted stems of grass thought to themselves ?we may just get by?.
It used to be green here, there, everywhere. Kids used to lie on the green, in the park, morning, noon and then after dark the oldies would roll, with out paying a toll. It used to be green here, on the side of these train tracks, where water used to trickle from the graffiti walls, down to the rocks, and out the window, the green would pass my by. It used to be green here, in the front of this house, where the cricket kids play, where the mothers with prams walk their way. It used to be green here, on the ground, there used to be shiny coins to be found when you could crawl from here to there, on the moist soft feeling on the sticky grass and plants under your feet. You could dance softly to any beat, here on the green. Used to be.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Dboy's Jah Summer Mix! Dub Styles

Posted: Fri Jan 05, 2007 4:20 am Post subject: Dboy's Jah Summer Mix...

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Some one asked me "how are your holidays going" and I said a lil' something like this...

80 Mintues : 146 MG : 256kb : All Jah'd Up!

< Right Click and Save to Download Dboy's Jah Summer Mix!

Summer vibe and swealtering heat, down comes the Dub and vocal on the beat, the vintage sounds merged with the new take, the MC's from DownUnder who spit with Thunder. Take a listen and let your soul enjoy the vibe.

Friday, December 15, 2006

D-Cammo Style v.2

Urban instigation, and irrational contemplation, intelligent delegation and insufficient division, the Movement is at the cross roads, the stars bear down on a forceful time, a decisive moment, the annual period of chaos and communal consideration is upon us, the anniversary of the time of birth near by, the crossing of the astrological markers, the cusp of differentiation is here.
Mark your territory and hold down the fort, the challengers await, mission stage almost complete, take your cover, from my mark. Enjoy.

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Friday, December 08, 2006

Test Image Sample Dboy Page Part 4

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